Egg-Free, Soy-Free Mayonnaise Alternative: Vegenaise by Follow Your Heart

Egg-Free, Soy-Free Mayonnaise Alternative: Vegenaise by Follow Your Heart

My daughter has an egg allergy and having an egg-free mayonnaise alternative opens the door to so many dish ideas that would normally be off limits to her. Vegenaise® tastes more like mayonnaise than many other mayonnaise alternatives. In fact, I can’t tell the difference whether I’m using it in sandwiches, tuna salad, or marinades. It is so similar, that I make a 1-for-1 substitution.

For those with soy allergy, Follow Your Heart also makes Soy Free Vegenaise
(light green lid). Vegenaise comes in four other types, Original (blue lid), Grapeseed Oil (purple lid), Organic (green lid), and Reduced Fat (yellow lid).

I buy my Vegenaise at Whole Foods Market in Cupertino, CA or Los Altos, CA but have also seen it at Nob Hill Foods in Mountain View, CA. Check the store locator on the Follow Your Heart website for other options.

What great substitutes are there for your food allergy or intolerance?


  1. At the ripe age of 68 and after feeling lousy for years, I found I was allergic to a number of foods including gluten, tree nuts, soy, eggs, and peanuts. Trying to compensate is not as bad as it originally sounded, but that compensation comes at a sometimes unreasonable price. I was amazed to find out how many products I had been eating contained soy – potato chips, most things w/chocolate, Avoiding those now exposed enemies of my body have been well worth it in just being able to function w/o the daily headache and muscle pain that became my daily familiar self. I had been diagnosed w/fibromyalgia and in my situation believe it may have been the allergies as most of those symptoms are gone. I still miss chocolate and mayo is also a big one. I can get the chocolate from Ecuador but need my gold plated wallet in hand when I order – still looking for the gold plated wallet.


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