Dairy-Free and Soy-Free Yogurt Brands

I am a huge fan of yogurt. Especially the good old-fashioned kind. The thicker the better! But because I am dairy sensitive, I limit my intake and try and stick to dairy-free yogurts to keep me itch-free and wheeze-free. I am have been on a quest in recent years to find my absolute favorite dairy-free and/or soy-free yogurt brands. Much like any good researcher, it’s not just about taste. How does it look? What’s the consistency like? Does it taste good accompanied by other delicious foods like fruit or granola? Herewith, my conclusions.


First. Amande is a cultured almond milk. The consistency is a bit odd, so it’s best to mix it with another product like granola. I have been experimenting with it over the past year and am enjoying it this way vs on its own. I buy Amande’s product line at Real Food Company in San Francisco. They have a large array of flavors; I personally love the cherry. Amande is vegan, dairy and soy free.

Second. Of course Almond Dream has an almond milk yogurt product. I absolutely love the mixed berry but they have other delicious flavors. The consistency is a bit more yogurt-like than Amande’s, but it definitely isn’t the real thing. I enjoy it plain or with a handful of strawberries or bananas. Great with granola too. I’ve bought it at Whole Foods. Taste The Dream yogurts are dairy and soy free.

Third. Trader Joe’s has a fantastic selection of yogurts to begin with – of all kinds. They also have their version of coconut cultured milk. Here’s a great write up about them. The consistency of this non-dairy yogurt alternative is the best of the four I’m reviewing. I enjoy it plain as plain, but obviously, it’s also great with granola or fruit. This brand includes guar gum – which does not work with a soy allergy.

Trio Dairy Free Yogurt

Fourth. So Delicious is an excellent brand of cultured coconut milk. I think So Delicious is absolutely delicious – the blueberry and vanilla being my favorites. It’s a tad watery, but nothing a good handful of allergy-friendly granola can’t cure. SO Delicious is sold at Safeway, Whole Foods and many other markets. This brand includes guar gum – which does not work with a soy allergy.

Buyer’s beware: some non-cow’s milk yogurts are ironically known to actually have dairy ingredients, so be sure to read the ingredients of ANY yogurt brand if you have allergies.

Do you have a yummy brand of dairy-free or soy-free yogurt? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page. Eat safe and shop safe.

*Beautiful imagery of Amande by Laura, of the beautiful blog http://www.californiadreamvegan.blogspot.com


  1. I have read that guar gum, an ingredient in the Trader Joe’s yogurt and So Delicious yogurt (not sure about the other two) contains soy.


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