Allergy-Friendly Sandwich Condiments

Dealing with food allergies for most of my life, enjoying sandwiches can sometimes be frustrating. Is there soybean oil in the mayo? Was that knife used for peanut butter before my sandwich was made? Lots of questions can come to mind. Luckily today, there are many great allergy-friendly sandwich condiments you can buy off the shelf. It just requires some research followed by reading labels to double check.


All natural Lemonaise by The Ojai Cook is one of my favorite soy-free mayonnaise brands. Besides that it’s soy-free, it just tastes delicious and adds a real zing to any sandwich because of the last two ingredients: lemon and cayenne. There are also many more flavors. I highly recommend it and also love using it in tuna salad. For plain and simple mayonnaise, Best Foods features a canola oil version – it has the yellow lid. For those allergic to eggs, we wrote a post recently about egg-free Vegenaise. They also make an egg-free, soy-free alternative. Feeling creative? Make your own. Here’s a great recipe for rice milk mayonnaise by Cybele Pascale, who is known for her delicious allergy-friendly and gluten-free recipes.

Nut butters

As someone who is severely allergic to peanuts, I have never been able to enjoy the supposed wonders of a p.b. and j sandwich. Luckily, I’m not allergic to tree nuts, so I have a blast with Trader Joe’s brand almond butter and macadamia butter. Kettle Brand also has some wonderful nut butters; I happen to love their cashew butter. Tree nut butters are delicious when spread on toasted whole wheat bread topped with jelly or honey. Wandering the shelves of most any markets these days, you will see jars of all sorts of nut butters. Allergic to peanuts and tree nuts? Try Sunflower Seed Butter which we also wrote about recently – it’s gluten-free, tree nut-free and peanut-free.

Are you dairy-free but crave cream cheese or butter? Try Tofutti’s Better Than Cream Cheese for a cream cheese and jelly sandwich. It’s vegan so great for those with egg allergies, dairy allergies and those who are lactose intolerant. But note, it’s soy-based. Here is their FAQ page that’s worth a read. Galaxy Foods has a similar product that’s coconut oil based. Both brands have multiple flavors; perfect for bagels and sandwiches. We recently wrote a post about dairy-free butter substitutes if you want something simple on your toast or muffin and you can’t have traditional butter.

Don’t forget to read labels and research the brand’s manufacturing processes before you try any product. Every brand and product has its own process, and some may be safer for you than others. And of course, when you’re out and about, it’s always better to be safe than sorry if you can’t get answers about a condiment or dish and its ingredients.

Do you have any favorite brands of allergy-friendly sandwich condiments? Or how about a recipe for one? Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page. Eat safe and shop safe.


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